📈 Stocks Shaking On Middle-East Tensions

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Stocks and bonds are wobbling while everyone's eyes are locked on the Middle East. And if you thought October was going to be Bitcoin's BFF, like usual, think again, because it just pulled a disappearing act on its gains.

We've got two underdog stocks down 77% and 86%, and we're here to tell you why they might just be the diamonds in the rough you've been searching for. Plus, we're diving into the mystic world of options trading – ever wondered how much you can really rake in? Well, stick with us, because we've got the answers

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Stocks Waver, Bonds Drop With Middle East in Focus (5 minute read)
European stocks and US equity futures couldn't make up their minds today, kinda like when you're trying to decide between pizza and tacos for dinner. Treasuries took a nosedive, probably looking for some adventure. The reason for all this commotion? Traders are playing detective, closely watching what the US and other superpowers are up to in order to keep the Israel-Hamas conflict from progressing.

Speaking of drama, tech stocks in Europe's Stoxx 600 had a bit of a moment, tumbling down the hill after rumors swirled about the US thinking of new ways to put the brakes on China's semiconductor access.


Bitcoin Wipes Out October Gains, All Eyes on SEC’s ETF Appeal Deadline Today (1 minute read)
Bitcoin had a bit of a rough time, erasing its modest 2% October gains after a not-so-fabulous fifth losing streak brought it down to $26,500 a piece. "Uptober" was supposed to be a good-luck charm for Bitcoin, but it seems it missed the memo this time around, even though the crypto market usually sees winning results during this month.

2 Stocks Down 77% and 86% to Buy Right Now (5 minute read)
Right now, there are two glittering gems hiding in the bargain bin, just waiting for you to scoop them up and let your money grow. It's been a rollercoaster ride in the stock market lately, thanks to inflation throwing curveballs at growth stocks, but not all heroes have fallen. Take Roku (ROKU), for instance, it might have taken a beating, but it's still a champ in the streaming game. And then there's Roblox (RBLX), trading at a discount that would make your bargain-hunting grandma proud.

How Much Can You Make Trading Options? (15 minute read)
Understand the potential profit and losses of trading options with our comprehensive guide! Learn how you can make money and take control of your financial future.

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