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Plus: Is the ChatGPT bubble bursting?

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We've got your back with some predictions from Wall Street analysts that could make your pockets jingle – like why Tesla and Lemonade stocks might just be the rocket ships of gains, soaring over 160% (yes, you read that right!). We're diving into the housing hustle too, where the good ol' 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan is cozying up to the notorious 7% mark.

And if you're a fan of luxury fashion and dramatic buyouts, hold onto your designer hats, because Capri, the parent company of Versace and Jimmy Choo, just shook hands on an $8.5 billion buyout, sending Capri shares up 55%.

Grab your Venti double-shot, half-caff, soy milk, caramel drizzle, extra foam, pumpkin spice latte, no whip, and let's get into it! ☕️👇️

While the traditional 60/40 portfolio has fallen short over the past few years, private credit is currently offering double digit yields to investors…

…All while being less-correlated to the market.

It’s no wonder why Blackstone’s billionaire president Jonathan Gray when discussing private credit last month stated: “I would say whenever you can get equity-like returns taking debt-like risk, that’s something you should do.”

For years though, private credit has been an asset class that is out of reach for main street investors.

But that’s changing thanks to Percent – a frontrunner in private credit investments.

Percent offers exclusive private credit deals previously out of reach to most investors. Percent’s current weighted average yield is 18.32% as of July 31, 2023

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Is the ChatGPT Bubble Bursting? (5 minute read)
Remember the grand entrance of ChatGPT onto the scene? Sometimes it felt a tad like dealing with 2001's H.A.L. – minus the space drama, of course.

Now, the generative AI hype train is still chugging along, but it seems like ChatGPT might be facing a slump. According to the web wizards over at Similar Web, global visits to ChatGPT took a 9.7% nap in June, and the number of unique visitors dropped by 5.7%. The drop was even sharper in the U.S., with a 10.3% slide in usage.


2 Growth Stocks That Can Soar By 160% to 700%, According to Wall Street (4 minute read)
With all this bullish energy swirling around, it's like a buffet for retail investors eyeing those underdog growth stocks. And guess who's invited to the party? Tesla (TSLA) and Lemonade (LMND). These two gems might just shine in this market environment.

Versace Owner Capri Agrees $8.5bn Buyout by Tapestry. Stock Surges 55%. (2 minute read)
Capri (CPRI), the company behind Versace and Jimmy Choo, is putting on its acquisition gloves as bigger rival Tapestry, parent company of Coach and Kate Spade, swoops in for a grand takeover - With a deal worth a jaw-dropping $8.5 billion. Capri's shares soared 55% in a single day


Current Mortgage Rates (5 minute read)
The average rate on the beloved 30-year fixed-rate loan, the superstar of home loans, just nudged closer to the 7% mark, landing at a sizzling 6.96%. Yep, you heard right, we're practically at 7% territory.

The 30-year rate hasn't rocked these heights since November 2022, giving us all a real throwback moment. So if you're thinking about locking in that mortgage, buckle up and keep your eyes peeled


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