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The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict has sent ripples across various sectors. Defense stocks, such as BAE Systems and QinetiQ, are benefitting. In addition, we'll share three specific stocks that are playing a key role in the USย support for Israel during this conflict.

Furthermore, China announced this morning that they will be implementing exportย permits for specific graphite products, citing national security concerns. China plays a critical role in refining over 90% of the globalย graphite used in electric car batteries, and this decision is likely to have a significant impact on the electric vehicle industry.

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China, world's top graphite producer, to curb exports of key battery material (4 minute read)
China announced on Friday its decision to implement export permits for certain graphite products, citing national security concerns, as part of its ongoing efforts to regulate the supply of critical minerals and assert control over its dominant position in global manufacturing. As the world's leading graphite producer and exporter, China plays a pivotal role in refining over 90% of global graphite into the essential material used in virtually all electric vehicle (EV) battery anodes. China's Ministry of Commerce asserted that this move aims to enhance the security and stability of the global supply and industrial chains and protect national security and interests, emphasizing that it is not directed at any specific nation. Notably, major purchasers of Chinese graphite include Japan, the United States, India, and South Korea, as reported by Chinese customs data.

Bitcoin Inches Closer to $30K as ETF Hope Drives Bulls (2 minute read)
Bitcoin has surged to a high of $29,300, marking a weekly gain of over 9% as optimism regarding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States has gathered momentum. In the past week, multiple ETF providers have made amendments to their filings, while there has been mounting pressure on the SEC to reconsider its position on approving a Bitcoin ETF. This push gained support earlier in the week when four members of the House Financial Services Committee penned a letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler, urging the regulatory body to heed court rulings and abandon its efforts to block Bitcoin ETFs from receiving regulatory approval.

FTSE 100: defence stocks BAE Systems and QinetiQ rise as Israel-Hamas war escalates (3 minute read)
Investors in the FTSE 100 are not solely focused on oil majors like BP and Shell; the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict is impacting various sectors. Defense stocks, such as BAE Systems and QinetiQ, are experiencing gains, and the FTSE 350 Aerospace and Defense ETF is also on the rise. BAE Systems, the largest and one of the most prominent companies in the UK's defense sector, boasts a market capof approximately ยฃ33 billion. So why is it on the rise? The company generates the majority of its earnings from fighter jet programs, including the Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35 Lightning, which it sells to nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.


These Three Arms Stocks Underpin US Support For Israel (3 minute read)
The recent surge in demand for defence stocks has, in practice, been advantageous for arms manufacturers, contributing to record global military spending reaching $2.24 trillion. Companies serving as the primary suppliers for Israel's military armaments stand to potentially benefit in the long run from this heightened demand for their products and technology. With concerns that the ongoing conflict may spill over into other regions in the Middle East, here are three stocks you should keep an eye on.

Tesla has other worries besides the Cybertruck's arrival (2 minute read)
While Tesla continues to maintain its dominant position in the electric vehicle sector, investors are growing impatient as they eagerly await the release of new EVs from the company. In its recent earnings report, the automaker revealed higher third-quarter net income and revenue, albeit falling short of expectations due to price reductions and increased investments offsetting higher vehicle sales. During a conference call, Elon Musk expressed caution about proceeding at full capacity with the Mexico factory, citing concerns about the global economy and the potential effects of high interest rates on vehicle sales. This facility is slated to produce what analysts have dubbed the Model 2, which is expected to be Tesla's most affordable vehicle. The market response was significant, with Tesla's stock plunging by over 10% on Thursday afternoon.

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As advisory revenue at major U.S. banks reaches its lowest point in years, an ongoing struggle to retain top dealmakers remains in the backdrop. The first three quarters of this year have witnessed the weakest investment banking revenue for comparable periods in the past seven years, even as banker compensation continues to rise. The reason behind this paradox could be attributed to optimism regarding pent-up demand. Banks find themselves with a growing backlog of deals awaiting approval, reaching some of the highest levels on record.

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