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Plus: Nvidia Crushes Earnings

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Today’s edition is brought to you by Mode Mobile - They’re revolutionizing the smartphone industry with the world’s first EarnPhone! Check them out today.

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Today’s edition is brought to you by Mode Mobile - They’re revolutionizing the smartphone industry with the world’s first EarnPhone! Check them out today.

Did you use Facebook in the U.S. between 2007 and 2022? Well, brace yourselves because there's free money on the table, and you've got until Friday to claim your slice of the $725 million settlement pie.

Nvidia just pulled off some financial magic with their earnings that made their shares soar by 6%. Last but not least, we've got the scoop on 3 Vanguard ETFs that could turn you into a millionaire, no crystal ball required. All it takes is a pinch of commitment and a dash of patience.

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How the Fed Impacts Our Personal Finances (5 minute read)
Picture this: The Fed, like the financial superhero it is, swoops in to keep our economy from going all rollercoaster on us. Its mission? To make sure our wallets don't start doing the Macarena when we least expect it.

Now, Nasdaq’s Matthew Rowlings is diving into the nitty-gritty of how two of their moves – the federal funds rate and some quantitative measures – can actually mess with our everyday money matters.


Nvidia sales will jump 170% this quarter (4 minute read)
Nvidia (NVDA), the wizard of the chip world, saw their share prices up 6% after hours on Wednesday because they aced their second-quarter earnings. What's their secret sauce, you ask? Well, it's all about that data centers, powered by the A100 and H100 AI chips. These little whizzes are the brains behind stuff like ChatGPT and other fancy AI wizardry. Nvidia raked in a whopping $10.32 billion in data center revenue, a jaw-dropping 171% boost from last year!

3 Vanguard ETFs That Could Help You Retire a Millionaire (6 minute read)
We know talking about investing can sometimes be as exciting as watching paint dry, but here’s a look on how you can potentially roll into a million-dollar retirement with Vanguard's no-nonsense index-tracking ETFs. We're talking about Vanguard's heavy-hitters like the Vanguard Information Technology ETF, Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF, and the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF. With a couple of decades and a solid commitment, these low-fee ETFs offer a smooth and comfy path to retirement riches.

The First Disruption to Smartphones in 15 Years 🤳
Flip the script: Turn your phone from a cost to an income source. Intriguing idea, isn't it? Which is why, this week, we have our eyes on the launch of Mode Mobile’s Public Equity Offering. It’s the latest in a series of impressive raises among smartphone innovators, likely spurred by Apple’s recent $3+ trillion valuation.

Mode saw 150x revenue growth from 2019 to 2022, a leap that has made them one of America’s fastest growing companies. Mode is on a mission to disrupt the entire industry with their "EarnPhone," a budget smartphone that’s helped consumers earn and save $150M+ for activities like listening to music, playing games, and ... even charging their devices?!

Early backers are getting up to 60% bonus stock, and in the first month alone, 9,900+ investors acquired shares — leaving only ~10% of the bonus allocation up for grabs.

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How to Claim Your Money From Facebook's $725 Million Legal Settlement (5 minute read)
Time's ticking on your chance to snag a piece of a whopping $725 million privacy settlement pie. If you've been a Facebook user in the good ol' U.S. of A. anytime between 2007 and 2022, you've got until Friday to put your hand up.

Now, who's footing the bill for this payout? None other than Meta, the parent company of Facebook itself. They decided to kiss and make up last December, settling a bunch of lawsuits that accused them of some not-so-cool stuff, like sharing your data with third parties without asking. Remember that Cambridge Analytica scandal back in 2018? That's part of the backstory, where personal Facebook data went walkabout in the hands of about 87 million users.


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