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Next weeks presidential debate has one big topic - Crypto! Who would have thought we’d be writing that one year ago?

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Trump vs Biden - Crypto Showdown

Donald Trump Shut Up GIF by CBS News

Who would have thought, 18 months ago, that next week's presidential debate could be a huge moment for crypto investors?

President Biden and former President Trump are both set to tackle the topic, but only one of them seems to have a clear stance. Trump is embracing digital assets, while the Biden administration has been perceived as hostile.

Why It Matters:

  • Single-issue Voters: Crypto-minded voters are watching closely. Biden’s last chance to win them over might be during this debate.

  • Trump’s Strategy: Expect Trump to bring up cryptocurrency, especially if the moderators don't. His team’s knowledge and sophistication on the topic have grown rapidly, suggesting a strategic play to highlight Biden’s perceived hostility.

  • Biden’s Challenge: If Biden stumbles or equivocates, he risks alienating pro-crypto voters. This could be a significant moment in the campaign.

Biden’s Dilemma

The Biden administration’s approach to cryptocurrency has largely been influenced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Known for her tough stance.

However, there is growing pressure within the Democratic Party to soften their stance on cryptocurrency.

While the Biden administration and Sen. Warren have taken a hard line on cryptocurrency, there is a notable shift within the Democratic Party. Last month, several high-profile Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, supported an effort to undo SEC guidelines that critics argue discourage banks from holding digital assets.

As the debate looms, the market is eagerly waiting to see how both candidates will position themselves. Will Biden soften his stance under pressure, or will Trump capitalize on the opportunity to champion digital assets?



I recently read an blog post by Shaan Puri called Balance and wanted to share it with our audience.

This one is a little different to the content that we usually share, but I found this blog post really insightful and I hope that some of you do too.

Shaan shares how life isn’t so much about balance, but about integration. By integrating various priorities of yours, you’re no longer having to choose.

Take one example.

Shaan wanted to get fitter but also wanted to spend more time with his friends.

So what did he do?

He works out with his buddy John every morning. He plays basketball with friends 1x a week. And when people ask him for coffee meetings, he asks them if they’re up for a hike/walk/workout together instead.

I’d highly recommended that you read the full article and let me know what you think.

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