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Plus: Tesla stock slips a little

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Ready for the latest scoop in the money world? Dreaming of turning your coffee money into a vault of gold? With a 12% yearly compound growth, growth stocks might just be your magic beanstalk. Sure, it sounds like a fairy tale, but we've got two stocks that might sprinkle some magic dust on your portfolio.

In other buzzing news, Elon and his electric gang are having a bit of a sale fest, slashing Tesla's prices not once, but twice in seven days! Looks like a garage sale at SpaceX, right? Meanwhile, nine states are channeling their inner Taylor Swift, getting ready to shake off new gas-powered car sales by 2035.

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Wall Street ends lower on healthcare losses (5 minute read)
Wall Street had a bit of a rollercoaster day – picture healthcare stocks tripping over their shoelaces, whilst everyone's watching the economy with one raised eyebrow, thinking, "Will those interest rates ever take a break?"

As for the latest gossip: Blue Shield of California gave CVS Health the "it's not you, it's me" speech, looking to partner with Amazon and others instead. UnitedHealth and Cigna also caught the healthcare blues too, giving the whole S&P 500 a bit of a down day.


These Supercharged Stocks Could Triple Your Money in a Decade. (4 minute read)
If you're into the whole "patience is a virtue" thing, growth stocks could turn your pocket change into a treasure chest. Want a roadmap to wealth? It's simple: own bits of booming businesses and aim for 12% a year of compounding growth. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Etsy (ETSY) and Cava Group (CAVA) might just have that growth magic that could help you hit your investment goals.

What is a Retail Trader? 5 Things You Should Know (8 minute read)
This is one to bookmark: So you're diving into the world of retail trading? That's just code for individual folks (like you and me!) playing the big game of stocks, bonds, and those mysterious derivatives. These traders aren't the Wolf of Wall Street types – more like the 'Squirrel of Suburbia' storing financial nuts for later. Before you jump in, here are five golden nuggets to remember.

Tesla Stock Drops 3.2% After Another Round of Price Cuts in China (2 minute read)
It seems Elon’s crew is on a discount spree, marking down prices for the second time in a week. On Wednesday, TSLA stock took a little 3.2% tumble after prices for certain Model Y and Model X rides were reduced by around $2,000. That's up to 6.9% off. The Chinese EV scene is getting spicy with Tesla's local competitors, BYD, SAIC, MG Motor, and Great Wall Motor, who are all slapping discounts on their EVs. Translation: while these EV companies might feel a pinch in profits, shoppers get a sweet deal!


9 States Now Plan to Ban Gas-Powered Car Sales (6 minute read)
The future of driving's looking electric. Nine states are flipping the switch, prepping to say "bye-bye" to new gas-powered car sales post-2035. A few more states might hop on this eco-friendly bandwagon too! Now, don't panic – if you've got a soft spot for your gas-guzzler, you can still drive it and even nab a used one. But if you're eyeing a brand new, traditional gas car in these states after 2035, you might be outta luck. And the bigwigs at the Environment Protection Agency are aiming for 67% of new car sales to be electric by 2032.


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